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Hey, I am Gail Ware

And this is me....

Why settle for feeling ok ?

When you can feel fabulous?!!

Since 2016 I have guided and helped 100’s of woman to discover it is never to late to reinvent yourself.

I have battled with my weight since childhood and into adulthood and along with the weight, the anguish of not wanting to go out as nothing would fit. Never feeling good enough, always too tired.....

That is until a friend told me about a program, it is about gut health, weight loss and how to keep it off. Meals that all the family can eat, meals that taste good and can be as simple or fancy as you like.

Best of all my sugar and carb cravings for the first time are under control and for four years on I have kept off the 15 kilos I lost.

I am like you, I work, I have a husband, a teenage son, a Brumby horse called Cruz and three dogs.

I would love to help you, to live your best life. What have you got to lose ?

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Start your Healthy Living Online journey, with me today.

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